Open Fryer vs. Pressure Fryer: Which One Does Your Foodservice Business Need?

Food Made With Open Fryers and Pressure Fryers

Fryers are an essential piece of foodservice equipment. They enable operators to prepare delicious, flavorful food in a way that is quick and efficient. With so many options on the market, you may be asking yourself which commercial fryer you should choose.

We break down the differences between open and pressure fryers to help you choose the right equipment for your menu, processes, and business.

Pressure Fryers: Shorter cook times and flavorful food options

Pressure fryers shorten cook times by raising the boiling point of water to a higher temperature, around 240 degrees. This allows food to retain more of its moisture. Frying under a pressure of ~12 psi also allows commercial pressure fryers to use lower oil temperatures than traditional open frying. 

Whether you are cooking bone-in chicken breasts or battered fish, the pressure fryer is the go-to option for frying proteins. Pressure frying locks in natural flavors while sealing out excess oil. As a result, the cooked protein comes out juicy, tender, and full of flavor. 

Henny Penny pressure fryers offer a range of innovative features. For example, Henny Penny Velocity Series pressure fryers extend oil life and reduce the cost of frying. The PFE 500’s compact design uses less than 20 inches of wall space to help you reclaim your kitchen footprint.  

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Open Fryers: Customizable cooking processes and crispy meals

Open fryers are efficient and versatile. These commercial deep fryers recover temperature in a matter of seconds, so you can make batch after batch of crispy fried food. They also give operators the ability to filter one vat while actively frying food in another vat. These features help kitchens maximize their operations during the busiest mealtimes — and flavor is not sacrificed for efficiency, either. 

Open fryers turn out consistently crispy, tasty products. They are especially useful for cooking fresh-breaded and freezer-to-fryer items like chicken tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. Henny Penny open fryers can help you increase capacity while also allowing you to customize your kitchen. Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite Open Fryer, for example, can cook the same amount of food as standard 50 lb fryers in 40% less oil, reducing oil costs while maintaining throughput. Henny Penny’s 8-head open fryers allow you to prepare large batches of bone-in chicken quickly during lunch and dinner rushes.

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Both: Comparable costs and durability

Both open and pressure fryers prepare many of the same menu items, such as fried chicken or potato wedges. The main difference is the end result. For example, if you want your chicken juicy and tender, use a pressure fryer. If you want your chicken crispy and crunchy, use an open fryer.

The cost of ownership is comparable for both fryers, too. Although pressure fryers can save energy with faster cool cycles and lower oil temperatures, there is not much difference in maintenance and labor costs. Both fryers can last up to 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Henny Penny fryers, for example, are known for their quality and consistency, delivering fantastic food for customers and maximum value for operators.

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PHT Systems is a wholesale distributor for Henny Penny, representing the best-in-class pressure fryers and open fryers. After you find the right fryer for your operations, PHT will be there for you beyond the sale with equipment training, service, and repair solutions to allow you to do what you do best – serve your customers.

What to Look for in a Foodservice Equipment Supplier

Foodservice Equipment Distributor
Food industry businesses need a partner as invested as they are in their business’ success. Much of the equipment you purchase should last for years to come, but the longevity of it depends on more than that initial investment.When you’re ready to invest in your business’ future by purchasing new equipment, there are three attributes you should look for in your next commercial foodservice equipment partner.

#1. Focus beyond the sale

A leading commercial foodservice equipment supplier should not only furnish your business with high-quality equipment, but also provide you with tailored solutions based on their knowledge of your current needs and future objectives. Your supplier’s years of hands-on experience with top-of-the-industry brand equipment, like Henny Penny’s fryers and holding cabinets, Fri-Jado’s rotisseries and merchandisers, and Prática’s ventless rapid cook ovens, will directly factor into their ability to seamlessly match the right solution to your unique business needs.

A true partner will also go one step further than completing a sale. They will cultivate a long-lasting partnership by continuously working with you to understand the significance of your equipment’s role in your business’ evolving needs.

#2. Training and re-training for your team

Training is the most important piece of the puzzle and impacts quality, efficiency, and operating cost. At the same time, employee turnover in the industry is high.

Every piece of equipment in your kitchen underperforms if the proper training is not given to those operating it. By offering complete training and re-training of your kitchen staff, your equipment supplier can help you ensure your foodservice equipment is being used correctly, safely, and effectively, increasing your quality and lowering your cost.

#3. Service at every stage

To help keep your equipment in tip-top shape, look for a business partner with a team of service experts in every brand of foodservice equipment they sell.

These factory-authorized technicians will know the ins and outs of the equipment you’ve purchased, such as Henny Penny’s combi ovens, Frontline’s oil management systems, or Everidge’s Preprite blast chillers. This dedicated team of experts can save your operation time and money by properly identifying and addressing operational and maintenance issues.

Last but not least, look for partners with an extensive inventory of OEM replacement parts at the ready. This will be a key sign that they’re well-prepared to promptly tackle your equipment repairs so that you can avoid lost revenue due to extended downtime.

Choose a partner who cares

When you choose a foodservice supplier with expertise, service, and programs tailored to your business’ unique needs, your new equipment becomes a key to your success.

If your business needs a trusted expert that can find the perfect solution, as well as assist in training your staff and servicing your equipment, PHT Systems is here for you! Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s help your business thrive.