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Training designed for ongoing needs

At PHT Systems, our relationship with you extends well past the initial equipment purchase. We provide free training for the life of your equipment.

PHT Systems employee training a commercial food service employee

Our team is not only there to help you make the right commercial kitchen equipment purchase, but also to train your team when you need us, help you navigate operational and procedural issues that impact your bottom line, and more. Training is the most important piece of the puzzle; every piece of equipment in your kitchen, deli, or store underperforms if the proper training is not given to those operating it. Because of that, at PHT Systems, we provide free training – for the life of your equipment. And, our trainers understand your business. With extensive experience in the foodservice industry, our trainers know the challenges you face.

PHT training process

We offer flexible training schedules for your team, both day and night, to get everyone up to speed quickly and effectively. 


Purchase of equipment

We are confident that our commercial kitchen equipment will be right for you because we extensively vet them to ensure quality and value.

Initial equipment training and testing

Our certified trainers with deep expertise in foodservice will come to your location to teach your entire team how to work with your new piece of equipment and can work with you to test a variety of products to ensure food quality is maintained with each and every use. We’re always happy to help with menu ideas and talk through cooking techniques as well.

Make recommendations

It is important that your team knows the best ways to use your equipment to ensure operational excellence, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. Once your team is fully trained, we will also share our recommendations for maintenance best practices with you.

Re-training if necessary

PHT Systems offers free re-training for the life of the equipment that you purchase. Have employee turnover? No need to worry, we will come back and help train the new team members on the same equipment, all for free.

We’re here to help

Our overarching goal at PHT Systems is to serve you and your business in whatever capacity you may need us – throughout our relationship together.

Discover our demo kitchen

Visit us at one of our demo kitchens to try out our commercial kitchen equipment and we’ll work with you to find solutions that’ll achieve your goals.

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Our foodservice industry experts are always available to chat with you about our quality equipment, free training, and 24/7 support.