What to Look for in a Foodservice Equipment Supplier

Foodservice Equipment Distributor
Food industry businesses need a partner as invested as they are in their business’ success. Much of the equipment you purchase should last for years to come, but the longevity of it depends on more than that initial investment.When you’re ready to invest in your business’ future by purchasing new equipment, there are three attributes you should look for in your next commercial foodservice equipment partner.

#1. Focus beyond the sale

A leading commercial foodservice equipment supplier should not only furnish your business with high-quality equipment, but also provide you with tailored solutions based on their knowledge of your current needs and future objectives. Your supplier’s years of hands-on experience with top-of-the-industry brand equipment, like Henny Penny’s fryers and holding cabinets, Fri-Jado’s rotisseries and merchandisers, and Prática’s ventless rapid cook ovens, will directly factor into their ability to seamlessly match the right solution to your unique business needs.

A true partner will also go one step further than completing a sale. They will cultivate a long-lasting partnership by continuously working with you to understand the significance of your equipment’s role in your business’ evolving needs.

#2. Training and re-training for your team

Training is the most important piece of the puzzle and impacts quality, efficiency, and operating cost. At the same time, employee turnover in the industry is high.

Every piece of equipment in your kitchen underperforms if the proper training is not given to those operating it. By offering complete training and re-training of your kitchen staff, your equipment supplier can help you ensure your foodservice equipment is being used correctly, safely, and effectively, increasing your quality and lowering your cost.

#3. Service at every stage

To help keep your equipment in tip-top shape, look for a business partner with a team of service experts in every brand of foodservice equipment they sell.

These factory-authorized technicians will know the ins and outs of the equipment you’ve purchased, such as Henny Penny’s combi ovens, Frontline’s oil management systems, or Everidge’s Preprite blast chillers. This dedicated team of experts can save your operation time and money by properly identifying and addressing operational and maintenance issues.

Last but not least, look for partners with an extensive inventory of OEM replacement parts at the ready. This will be a key sign that they’re well-prepared to promptly tackle your equipment repairs so that you can avoid lost revenue due to extended downtime.

Choose a partner who cares

When you choose a foodservice supplier with expertise, service, and programs tailored to your business’ unique needs, your new equipment becomes a key to your success.

If your business needs a trusted expert that can find the perfect solution, as well as assist in training your staff and servicing your equipment, PHT Systems is here for you! Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s help your business thrive.