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Important Extras

Expand your menu’s flavor profiles, extend the life of your oil, and protect your equipment with our range of breadings, seasonings, and supplies.
Chicken with Henny Penny breading and seasoning on it
Fried chicken after coming out of the Henny Penny deep fryer


Perfect for fried chicken, pork chops, and other proteins, our breadings also pair well with potato wedges and vegetables. Our most popular blends range from Original Breading developed for pressure frying, to Tasty Breading for a wonderful, crunchy coating.

Henny Penny breading and seasoning on chicken

Seasonings & Marinades

If rotisserie or oven-roasted products are on your menu, we have a range of spice-blended seasonings and marinades ranging from sweet, to savory, to spicy. We can also help you blend a custom flavor that’s uniquely yours.

Woman cleaning open deep fryer


Extend the life of your oil with our oil extender and oil filters, envelopes, paper, and pads; and let us help your staff easily rid your equipment of stubborn grime with our range of cleaners formulated for use on many different types of equipment.

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