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Pressure Fryers

Pressure fryers are the perfect solution for making juicy, flavorful fried food — offering the tender and delicious bites your customers crave.

Foodservice equipment
Add a commercial pressure fryer to your restaurant, deli, or grocery store to help you cook a consistently full-flavored product in a shorter amount of time. Let PHT Systems help recommend the best equipment for your commercial kitchen. Contact us today to experience the difference in working with a true partner in the foodservice industry.

Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

With a high-quality commercial pressure fryer, your foodservice business can create tender, flavorful food while saving time and money on cooking and oil management. Benefits like a high-volume cooking chamber and oil filtration mean greater efficiency and cost savings. Henny Penny, the leading manufacturer of commercial pressure fryers, offers a full line of pressure fryers to suit any operation:
Henny Penny Velocity Pressure Fryer

Velocity Series 

Pressure Fryer 

PXE 100 Pressure Fryer

Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

 PFE 500 / PFG 600 / PFE 561

 PFE 500 Electric

PFG 600 Gas

PFE 561 Electric

Henny Penny High Volume Pressure Fryer


Pressure Fryers 

PFE 591 Electric

PFG 691 Gas

Velocity Series Pressure Fryer

The Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryers extend oil lifespan and lower the cost of frying. These high volume  commercial pressure fryers are easy for crews to use and maintain, creating additional savings on labor and service.

 PFE 500 / PFG 600 / PFE 561

With both 4-head and 6-head configurations, Henny Penny pressure fryers are compact, cost-efficient, and hardworking! This line of industrial pressure fryers uses < 20 inches of wall space to help you reclaim your kitchen footprint and do more with less.

High-Volume  Pressure Fryers

Look to the Henny Penny 8-head pressure fryers for quick and efficient preparation of large quantities of fried food. With a massive fry pot and built-in oil filtration system, High Volume pressure fryers are built to cook large loads evenly.

FAQs: Commercial Pressure Fryers

Pressure fryers use pressure to increase the boiling point of water from 212°F to 240°F. As a result, food placed in a commercial pressure fryer loses less moisture to evaporation during cooking. This makes commercial pressure fryers ideal for cooking proteins like chicken, because the food retains its juicy flavor without being infused with as much unhealthy oil. In addition, pressure frying enables lower oil temperatures than open frying, extending the life of your oil.

A commercial pressure fryer offers many benefits, including: 

  • Produces a juicier, healthier product
  • Shortens cook times
  • Extends the life of your oil

Pressure fryers raise the boiling point of water, allowing foods to retain moisture and lock in the essential flavors of foods like fried chicken and other proteins, while locking out oil — making the food healthier than open fryers. Pressure frying also creates faster cook times and creates conditions for cleaner oil that lasts longer.

Open fryers, on the other hand, produce a crispier finish that can be ideal for chicken and non-proteins like french fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. Open fryers can also have split vats to cook smaller batches of different foods at the same time.

There are a wide variety of commercial pressure fryers to choose from to fit your unique needs. It all comes down to selecting the equipment that aligns with your production needs. Product features and energy source, whether electric or gas, can also factor into which type of commercial pressure fryer is best for you.

Not sure which commercial fryer is best for your business? 

Contact PHT Systems for a free consultation with a foodservice equipment expert.

Get the Foodservice Equipment You Need from PHT Systems

When you need help choosing the right foodservice equipment, PHT Systems is the expert partner you need. Our years of experience working with top-quality products and in-depth brand knowledge ensure our recommendations, training, and maintenance are nothing but the best for your business. 

Contact us today to find the best commercial pressure fryer for your foodservice operation.