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Henny Penny High Volume Pressure Fryer

Increase your kitchen’s output with a Henny Penny High Volume Pressure Fryer

Henny Penny 8-Head High Volume Pressure Fryers are perfect for commercial foodservice operations looking for a reliable pressure fryer that will put out large quantities of perfectly cooked food, like juicy chicken tenders or chicken breasts, quickly during rush hour!

Available in gas or electric, these commercial pressure fryers revolutionize cooking with faster cook times and significant oil savings.

Plus, the ease of operation and built-in filtration system will improve quality and save money!

A Large Capacity Pressure Fryer with Big Savings

Known for their quality and reputation for time, labor, and energy savings, Henny Penny’s high volume pressure fryers optimize your kitchen’s output and resources without sacrificing performance.

Schedule your equipment demo and see why you should choose a Henny Penny High Volume Pressure Fryer for your foodservice business!

High Volume Pressure Fryer Product Features

Fast, efficient cooking
Perfectly suited for bustling commercial kitchens, these 8-head pressure fryers can fry large volumes of food quickly by cooking under pressure.

Oil management
Built-in oil filtration filters and returns hot oil in just minutes, simplifying your operation, increasing the life of your oil, and saving you money.

Durable design
The stainless steel fry pot, with its 7-year warranty, is constructed to endure heavy daily use with long-term dependability and performance.

Safe product handling
The counter-balanced lid lift and lock system makes full loads easy to handle and the fryer safe to operate, while half racks allow you to cook high volumes with minimum product handling.

Energy savings
Quick heat recovery with efficient burning elements, in gas and electric, reduces energy consumption, while ensuring your equipment is ready for the next batch. 

The Computron 8000 programmable control panel allows for a variety of cook daily use with long-term dependability and performance.

High Volume Pressure Fryer Product Resources

The PHT Systems team is dedicated to assisting you in every step of your equipment selection process and is here to assist you when you’re looking for your next commercial electric or gas pressure fryer

As a leading distributor of Henny Penny commercial kitchen equipment, our team’s expertise, combined with our extensive reach, ensures that you receive tailored support and guidance — whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or setting up a new foodservice operation.

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