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Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryer

Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryer for Sale in California and Minnesota

Why choose a Henny Penny Velocity Pressure Fryer?

Designed for high-volume output, the Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryer cooking technology reduces moisture loss to produce mouth-watering, juicy foods. This electric pressure fryer also saves on labor and time, with its automatic oil filtration and oil top off and an  easy crumb cleanout after every product load! 

The Velocity Series Pressure Fryer makes quickly serving high volumes of customers easy with shorter cook times and faster recovery temperatures for the next batch!

Elevate Your Frying Process With a Velocity Fryer

Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryers offer superior efficiency and product quality — with less oil and faster cook times. No matter if you’re a grocery store, restaurant, or deli, a commercial pressure fryer will save you time and money when creating tasty food, like fried chicken. Schedule a demo with PHT Systems in one of our test kitchens.

Velocity Series Pressure Fryer Product Features

Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryer for Sale in California and Minnesota
Henny Penny Velocity Series Pressure Fryer Control Panel
Commercial Chicken Fryers by Henny Penny for Sale in California and Minnesota

High-volume cooking chamber
An industry-leading 24-pound/8-head capacity stainless steel fry pot efficiently caters to high-demand periods.

Optimized oil usage
Using up to 25% less oil than other high volume fryers, the Velocity Pressure Fryer can significantly lower operational costs.

Built-in oil filtration
An automatic filtration system with an auto top-off feature ensures oil freshness, extends oil life, and decreases equipment maintenance.

Space-saving footprint
The sleek design occupies less than 20” of wall space without sacrificing performance.

User-friendly digital interface
Touch/tap controls program up to 160 customizable cook settings for consistent results.

Easy-to-use design
A counterbalanced lid lift system raises and lowers smoothly for all team members, with a lower deck that makes racking easier.

Efficient energy usage
High-efficiency heating elements quickly recover temperature and save on energy costs.

Product Resources: Velocity Series Pressure Fryer

Choosing the right Henny Penny pressure fryer for your foodservice kitchen can feel overwhelming, and that’s why we are here to help. PHT Systems has been a leading authorized Henny Penny distributor since 1981, with an office covering Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa and an office in southern California.

We are committed to ensuring your Henny Penny equipment operates at its best. Our expert service technicians provide routine maintenance, repairs, and personalized support — to make sure your fryers stay in top condition to keep you serving your customers.

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