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Henny Penny Open Fryer 340 Series

Why Does Your Commercial Kitchen Need a Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer?

The Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer is the perfect addition to kitchens looking to save on oil while maintaining a high output of crispy, juicy chicken or other delicious menu offerings that require a large surface area for cooking, like onion blossoms, donuts, and chips. 

This commercial open fryer’s high-efficiency burners recover temperature quickly, leading to higher throughput, lower energy costs, and longer oil life! The built-in oil filtration and optional auto-lift also make operation and multi-tasking easier. 

Are you ready to serve your customers with a reliable and efficient Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer?

Explore Efficient and Consistent Frying With a 340 Series Fryer

Available as a gas open fryer or an electric open fryer, the Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer is the perfect fryer for cooking large volumes of fried foods. Schedule a demo in one of our professional test kitchens and see firsthand how this Henny Penny open fryer can benefit your operation.

340 Series Open Fryer Product Features

Extended oil life
A cold zone below the high-efficiency burners extends oil life when frying, plus a specially designed oil displacement ramp saves overspill when the baskets are lowered into the vat.

Consistent temperature control
Rapid heating mechanisms with solid-state ignition maintain consistent cooking temperatures and recover temperature quickly. 

Optimized auto-lift  
OGA and OEA models’ auto-lift feature lowers and raises baskets into and out of the vats, and can be programmed for half baskets to increase kitchen staff productivity.

High product output
Large, shallow vats maximize the surface area for more even cooking while keeping up with customer demand.


Programmable interface
The Computron 8000 programmable control panel allows for energy and oil management as well as custom cooking programs. 

Stainless steel design
The durable vats come with a 7-year warranty, and the lockable heavy-duty casters make moving or stabilizing equipment simple.

Onboard oil filtration system
The integrated system filters and returns hot oil, extending the oil life, improving product quality, and saving money. 

Product Resources: 340 Series Open Fryer

As an authorized Henny Penny distributor, our foodservice consultants can answer any questions you may have about which commercial open fryer is right for your foodservice business. Plus, our skilled equipment trainers and service technicians are here to ensure your fryer operates at peak performance. 

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