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High Speed Commercial Ovens

Rapid cook ovens use advanced heating technologies to combine speed and simplicity to cut cook times.

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Rapid cook ovens can combine heating technologies, like convection, microwave, and impinged hot air, to cook food uniformly and quickly. User-friendly touchscreen interfaces make the versatile ovens easy to operate. And because they don’t require a hood, they can be placed anywhere for convenient access and operation.

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Prática High Speed Ovens

Prática high speed ovens effortlessly cook a variety of meals, ranging from sandwiches to pizza to lasagnas, and they don’t require a large footprint to do so! The versatile ventless ovens feature easily removable catalytic converters, eliminating the need for ventilation hoods and time-consuming or costly service calls. Prática’s Internet of Kitchen™ technology simplifies the management of your equipment to one place where you can create, edit, and store recipes directly on the oven.

PHT Systems is a leading authorized distributor of Prática High Speed Ovens, including these products:

Velocity Series 

Pressure Fryer 

PXE 100 Pressure Fryer


Pressure Fryers 

PFE 591 Electric

PFG 691 Gas


 PFE 500 / PFG 600 / PFE 561

 PFE 500 Electric

PFG 600 Gas

PFE 561 Electric

FIT Express

The Prática FIT Express high speed oven is engineered to optimize functionality and space. With increased interior capacity and a small overall footprint, the oven maximizes productivity in high volume kitchens with limited space. It combines impinged air convection technology with microwave capabilities to achieve faster cook times than traditional processes.

Rocket Express

The Prática Rocket Express spacious interior is well-suited for high output kitchens. Efficient heat insulation ensures a safe work environment by keeping the oven’s surface cool to the touch. With precise controls, even heat distribution, and built-in sensors, the Rocket Express cooks food faster with a combination of impinged air, microwave, and infrared radiation

Forza STI

The Forza STI by Prática can revolutionize your kitchen, regardless of the space available. It accommodates pizzas up to 16 inches, fresh and par-baked, with thin or thick crusts. The double glass door and lighted interior enable users to monitor cooking without disrupting the heat distribution. The Forza STI’s flexible design allows you to use the ovens stacked individually or on top of each other for maximum production.

FAQs: High Speed Commercial Ovens

High speed ovens utilize an engineered blend of up to three heating technologies: convection, microwave, and infrared. This not only guarantees an even cook but also prevents cold spots that can undermine the quality of your meals. It also enables high speed ovens to cook your favorite dishes up to 12 times faster than conventional ovens — without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Unlike traditional ovens, rapid cook ovens combine cooking technologies, like convection, microwave, and impinged hot air, to cook food uniformly and quickly. High speed commercial oven benefits include:

  • Faster cooking times
  • Consistent cooking and quality
  • Versatility
  • Space-saving
  • Easy programming and operation
  • Less energy consumption

High speed ovens are well-suited for preparing dishes that require both rapid cooking and high quality without requiring expensive hood space. Selecting the right high speed oven for your foodservice operation depends on your menu and the specific needs of your kitchen. You’ll want to consider both the size of the cooking chamber and heating technologies needed for your food items. Cutting edge technology, such as Prática’s Internet of Kitchen , user-friendly programming and touchscreen interface, and ease of maintenance are all important factors in selecting the right high speed oven. 

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Find the Best High Speed Ventless Oven for Your Business

Commercial high speed countertop ovens can significantly elevate your food service operations by providing consistent, high-quality, easy-to-cook dishes to keep your customers returning for more. As a trusted food service partner, PHT Systems is committed to helping you find the best high-speed ovens for your foodservice operation. Our commitment goes beyond recommendations. With lifetime training and technicians available 24/7 to provide on-call service, we’ll ensure you have the support when you need it most.

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