We provide training or retraining at any time, and will create custom operation manuals for your reference.

To customers, your foodservice operation is only as good as the next mealtime. They expect value based on convenience, quality, and price. That can be a big order to fill. In addition, your employees need to manage several tasks at once without making mistakes.

Our training programs help you and your employees maintain high quality standards efficiently. We show you how to acheive the best results from your equipment, making sure everyone on your staff knows how to handle all job functions correctly and with confidence.


Our training services:

Getting started: We contact your foodservice manager to arrange a meeting. At the meeting, we setup a training schedule for your employees.

Training preparation: We review your menus and equipment and create a training plan based on your actual working conditions.

Custom menus and smallwares: We can help you create or adapt your menu recipes to the new equipment you have chosen. For the training sessions, P.H.T. Systems will assist you in choosing and provide the display pieces, pans, and other accessories.


Hands-on training: Before you open your foodservice operation, we will walk through every major process to make sure you and your employees are comfortable prior to going “live.”

Reference materials: Employees have a lot to remember, we provide custom reference sheets for their review.

Store support: When your operation is ready to go live, we will work side-by-side with your employees as they serve your customers. 

Follow-up: After a week we will contact you to make sure everything is working well and up to your standards.

Ongoing support: We offer 24 hour service—7 days a week as a regular part of our business.


In addition to these services, we offer other training opportunities at our own location:

  • Seminars and classroom training
  • Corporate meetings
  • Product testing and demonstrations
  • Menu development and pre-season prep

When you want the very best from your equipment and employees, your first call should be to P.H.T. Systems, Inc.