What our customers think about us.

"We have been working with PHT Systems for the past couple of years and their level of commitment to our team has really made the difference! Their dedication on training and support has definitely made them my go-to team. Thank you PHT for all your hard work and dedication!"

— Marco Arzola, Northgate Markets

"I have been working with PHT and their team for over 15 years in roles for store operations and also in corporate operations. I have been able to work with them in all aspects of the process from procuring the equipment to the final training in our stores. Each step of the way is very well explained and exceeds all expectations. The training and service after the sale also goes above and beyond, even when timing is not during regular business hours. The equipment and services that PHT provides truly make our store operations better, and we continue to partner with new products for the ever changing needs of our operations. I have enjoyed working with PHT and look forward to more years of our relationship."

— Bob Sabo, Coborn's Inc.

"PHT Systems is more of a business partner than a vendor. The quality equipment they represent is just part of the equation, just as important is the high level of service they provide. The experienced team at PHT helps ensure successful execution of quality food programs for both our corporate stores and independent retail customers. The benefits we realize from their personalized equipment training programs are numerous: They help promote safe and correct equipment operation, which reduces repair costs due to misuse, helps ensure consistent food quality, helps keep product shrink to a minimum, and maximizes equipment ROI.

Their depth of industry knowledge, high customer service standards and attention to the details are just some of the reasons that make working with PHT a good decision and successful partnership."

— Jim Holl, Supervalu

"As a long-term customer of PHT we have come to rely on them for a wide range of food service needs. Whether we are buying new equipment, servicing existing equipment, or purchasing supplies for our "Famous Fried Chicken" we can rely on their expertise on the products they sell and their great service people to take care of us in a timely and professional manner. They encourage their service techs to form solid relationships with our associated and stay ahead of maintenance issues to minimize down time and repair costs. They are also constantly innovating and updating their product offerings to ensure we have the tools to stay competitive in an ever changing retail environment."

— Paul Radermacher, Radermacher Markets Inc.

"Lunds & Byerlys is proud to have such a great relationship with PHT Systems. Our Stores have benefited from outstanding service and quality products for decades. The training and support have been instrumental in helping our company succeed in a very competitive market. My dealings with each and every person at PHT have been so rewarding. They care about our business and do everything they can to make us successful. There aren't very many companies that take the approach to business that PHT does and it is such a pleasure work with them in our food service and grocery retail industry. PHT truly fits our motto "Together we create sensational shopping experiences for a lifetime."

— W. Mike Edgett, Lunds & Byerlys

"PHT Systems provides our company with an excellent level of customer service and support. I have been working with them since 2013 and I look forward to our continued partnership in the future."

— Juan Andres Salas, PriceSmart

"When we began our partnership with PHT Systems in 2012, they allowed us to test their fryers to ensure they were the absolute best fit for our restaurant. Since installing their fryers at our locations, we have seen hundreds of dollars per month in oil savings and repair costs have been non-existent. We appreciate PHT's thoroughness with on-site equipment training, setup, and ongoing support. We continue to work with PHT Systems due to the outstanding service they provide and integrity that we trust. We hold PHT Systems in the highest regard for overall product quality, value, and service."

— Lance Thorson, JL Beers

"We have been working with PHT Systems for many years, so long that we cannot even determine when our relationship began. We can confirm that through the years, we have been so grateful that it started and helped us grow to the company we are today. Starting with a professional and caring team, the organization has always approached their service and sales from a personal perspective. When we say personal, we mean that they know each and every piece of equipment and how it functions with each type of product. If they are not familiar with a certain piece of equipment or how it would accommodate a certain product, they will quickly take the time to learn it hands on with no questions asked. We know each and every time that we call PHT Systems that we will get support and answers that will move us forward. We appreciate their straight forward communication and consistently fair approach any situation that arises. We are proud to be partnered with PHT Systems and confident that they are key to keeping our operations running everyday."

— Jason Herfel, Knowlan's Super Market, Inc.

"We have Purchased Henny Penny cooking equipment from PHT West for all 10 of our locations. We have received excellent service/training from the crew at PHT. I can honestly say that they have delivered on all their promises. I would recommend them to anyone considering buying new pressure cooking equipment."

— John M Parlet, John's Incredible Pizza

"P.H.T. Systems is one of those vendors that those of us in the supermarket business wish we had more of.  Calling them my “deli equipment vendor” does not begin to describe their business philosophy or their impact on our operations.  Yes they sell equipment, but that has never been what they are really all about.  They are with us every step of the way from equipment specifications, purchasing, installation, training and menu development.  They are involved in our stores literally from the conceptual planning stage to opening day and far beyond as the stores mature and evolve.

The word “partner” is overused and typically refers to a hope or a wish rather than the day-to-day reality in our business.  I can easily use the term partner when referring to P.H.T. Systems.  In my business world these types of companies are very rare.  In my case I can easily count them on one hand.  I truly believe that they feel that the health and success of their business is directly tied to the success of ours.  It is all too rare to work with companies that put their customer’s long range best interests ahead of their own short term gains.

Every part of the P.H.T. organization is just top quality.  Any organization is only as strong as their weakest link and I have honestly yet to find that link at P.H.T.  I am lucky to have them working alongside us here at Jerry’s."

– Mike Jutz, Jerry's Enterprises